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Top 3-reasons why Google cannot index AngularJS website.

Over 20% of websites since 2014 have been built using AngularJS. And while AngularJS has made it easy for developers to build, it has made equally difficult for search engines to index these websites.

Google cannot properly index AngularJS websites primarily because:

Top 3 reasons to not use prerender for AngularJS websites

AngularJS, the framework that pioneered Single Page Applications, has number of challenges when it comes to indexing web pages. 

Pre-Render started off as one-size fits all solution that can render pages using PhantomJS, however, the reality is strikingly different. Pre-render helps crawlers discover your website, however, it will not help you to increase search rankings. Here are some main reason why you should not use prerender.

How to improve your Facebook ad conversion in one simple step?

Facebook, has one of the widest social audience reach that anyone could imagine and thereby the defacto standard to get conversions.
An average Facebook conversion costs anywhere between $30-$70, and depending on your

budget and product that is being sold, it can take anywhere between 2-5 sales to recover the amount.

How to get Google index your AngularJS website

AngularJS, once perceived as the savior to all web-application problems, ran into serious issues, all attributed to its basic premise of SinglePageApplcation approach.

Here's typical life cycle of an AngularJS page