The article below is a guest post by Gerald Ming [founder @] and Anna Chris [Facebook ads specialist]. Dojolab is the #1 Facebook ads agency for scaling eCommerce.

Year 2018 is definitely the year of mobile. In fact, major tech companies have been focusing on mobile experience since several years ago before mobile usage reached it’s peak this year. Even major web platforms such as SquareSpace (website builder) secretly launch its mobile optimization plugin through AMP functionality.

Mobile is definitely the key optimization for lots of tech platforms as people are consuming content and learning from mobile more than desktop now.

With new technology like AMP, the key focus is really about speed. When there is a lift in speed load time, bounce rate will be lowered and therefore it changed the entire content experience especially people who are on the mobile phone with a high tendency of apps distraction.

From our experience launching AMP for our eCommerce client that focused on content marketing, we have seen some really significant results as below.

Referral from [1]

conversion rate: 4.04%

total transactions: 19 (31.67% of all transactions)

revenue: $1285 (28.3% of total revenue)

AMP search data.

Total clicks: 4,032 [16.3% increase MoM]

Impressions: 288.6K [63% increase MoM]

While we cannot do an A/B test with AMP traffic, I took our August numbers and did a comparison to April numbers.

Google organic on mobile:

11 [aug] vs 15[april] conversions: 19 [aug]

total conversions attributed to AMP: 30

total revenue attributed before AMP: $1021

total revenue attributed to AMP: $808 + $1280 = $2088


conversions: 172%

revenue: 104%

In terms of Facebook ads performance, we are seeing a big lift in sales campaign due to the increase in mobile traffic.

SwellNoMore traffic - Before and After AMP.

SwellNoMore traffic before AMP

SwellNoMore - Traffic  after AMP, an average of 12% conversion boost! traffic after AMP - 12% average conversion rate improvement.

The significant shift in Facebook Ads results is due to a higher conversion rate from traffic who consume most of the content about the product. As AMP have changed on how mobile users experience content marketing, we are able to rely on Facebook Pixel to retarget people who stay longer on the content page and this gives us higher quality retargeting.

AMP is definitely a great strategy and if you are doing content marketing it will definitely create a good experience for mobile users. You may get free consultation here for AMP solution.

Anna Chris is a Facebook Ads Specialist at, Facebook Ad agency focused on eCommerce.