AngularJS, once perceived as the savior to all web-application problems, ran into serious issues, all attributed to its basic premise of SinglePageApplication approach.

SPAs are notorious for heavy load times aka inertia issue and inability of search engines to crawl website effectively.

Here's typical life cycle of an AngularJS page

  1. Load the initial Javascript libraries - about 800kb in size.
  2. Load the CSS classes aka Bootstrap - about 400kb in size.
  3. wait for critical JS to load.
  4. compute the DOM tress.
  5. render the page.

If it took you an average 1.4 seconds to read the above lifecycle events, then that's exactly how long it takes an AngularJS page to load, a whole 1.4 seconds.

Now, there is one way to make Google index the page faster, by using WebFast.

Unlike traditional approaches of using .htaccess rules or hatch-patch jobs, WebFast provides a clean way to:

  1. Get Google index your page.
  2. Adds rich data snippets to search index.
  3. Guarantees the page to load under one second, always.

We all do this, using Google's own recommendation, Accelerated Mobile Pages. While we will continue to talk extensively about WebFast and AMP, for this blog post, here's a quick summary:

  1. WebFast builds AMP pages for your entire website.
  2. AMP pages are hosted on amp.<yourdomain>.com and load under one second.
  3. On your original aka canonical page , we will add the AMP HTML also known as AMP discovery tag.
  4. When Google crawls your website, it notices the AMP tag, and adds the AMP page to its index.
  5. Starting July 2018, page speed plays a critical role in ranking, while AngularJS websites are slow, AMP is blazing FAST!!!!!

Thus, by simply building AMP equivalent pages of your website, you and your customers will enjoy:

  • Blazing speeds, average 700ms or less.
  • Higher rank on Google.
  • Special lightning bolt next to your search result.
  • Rich data snippets in Google search results.
  • Average 30% more search traffic.

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