Over 20% of websites since 2014 have been built using AngularJS. And while AngularJS has made it easy for developers to build, it has made equally difficult for search engines to index these websites.

1. Why cannot Google index AngularJS website?

Google cannot properly index AngularJS websites primarily because:

  • GoogleBot uses a custom version of Chrome-41, released around March 2015. During that time, AngularJS was just becoming popular and GoogleBot was not prepared to handle the complexity involved in indexing AngularJS.
  • GoogleBot is a text-only browser and executes zero to little Javascript. AngularJS website returns empty data to little content when indexed by Google.

2. Why not just use the desktop Chrome browser?

Short answer: It's super expensive!

Starting 2017, Google has started indexing heavy Javascript pages, however, the cost involved, both in terms of time and raw processing power to render the pages, is exponential.

As an exercise, load all the pages one by one of your website in the browser. On average, it will take 18-minutes to fully load all the pages. Now, think about Google and trillions of pages that it needs to index, that's HUGE.

Also, text-based indexing is 33 times faster than running a desktop browser.

3. How can I get Google to index my AngularJS website?

Starting May 2018, Google has caused a paradigm shift in indexing SPAs by introducing "Dynamic Rendering"

Click here to read more about indexing websites using Dynamic Rendering.

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