Email marketing is one of the best customer acquisition tools that exists out there. When done correctly, it reaps huge dividends and can be used as a successful acquisition strategy. Assuming you are a B2C company, the following options should help you:

  1. Marketing Automation - Sell More Stuff | MailChimp:
    * pretty simple and easy to setup, offers a free plan.
    * nice analytics dashboard.
    * difficult to setup drip campaigns
    * easy to setup, free plans
    * focussed on transactional emails - aka confirm registration / order / shipping confirmation etc.
  3. Amazon Simple Email Service
    * one of the cheapest and reliable email services out there
    * need to build everything from scratch aka ton of engineering support
  4. Gmail addon (GMass mailer)
    * uses native gmail interface
    * integration with google spreadsheets
    * hard to scale up as it isn’t a native CRM
    * Complete CRM tool for email marketing
    * Might take time to get used to UI

Summing up, there are many tricks to the trade out here. And it isn’t necessarily about a single tool, but a combination of tools that can be used for the service. If you are an e-commerce store, just starting out, I would go with Marketing Automation - Sell More Stuff | MailChimp

In addition, we wrote a pretty lengthy post on Medium about email marketing - 101 User acquisition using email marketing — 101  – Samantha Jones – Medium

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