AMP offers a wide variety of tools out of the box to validate whether a given page is compatible or not. These tools range from manually checking the page to automating using favorite language of your choice. Below are some of the tools we use at WebFives as we scale to 250K+ AMP pages.

Using an online web-based tool:

Easy to use, Online AMP validation tool offered by Google

Google offers a web-based tool to check whether a given page is valid or not, just visit enter your URL and within few seconds, you will know whether its valid or not.
If the page fails validation, you will get a list of errors on where it failed as well as possible suggestions on how to fix the same.

AMP HTML Validator

Snapshot of weekly downloads, ~253,000 downloads, as of November 2019

By far, the most popular CLI tool to automatically check whether an AMP page is valid or not.

On your terminal, type:
npm i amphtml-validator

Extensive documentation is available at, the project has frequent updates and even supports Windows!

Chrome Extension

Offered by the AMP-Validator project, this nifty little chrome extension adds a small icon next to your URL bar.

AMP extension showing detailed warnings for a valid AMP page

Install the Chrome Extension by going to:

To check validity of AMP page, load up the page in the browser, and the icon will turn green if the page is valid.
If page has issues, it will be red, clicking on the same will show the errors and possible validation options.

Google Search Console

Detailed AMP report as seen by Google search engine

Lastly, AMP page is only good as how Google search looks in it. The revamped Google Search Console, now makes it get a detailed run-down on every AMP page as well as a cohesive look on how these pages appear on Google.

Login to Google Search Console, and click on AMP in the left nav bar, and you will see a detailed report of every page as indexed by Google.

Lastly, AMP pages will make your website not only load under a second, it will make increase your search rankings by at-least 20%. Want to learn more about AMP and get your website fully AMP compatible?

Just email us at and we can get started right away!