How does AMP fix the mobile web bounce rate problem.

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Building a good mobile website is extremely hard. It’s a fine balance between amazing UI and speed. Some of the best built mobile websites are minimalistic and intuitive at same time.

Here are some of the key stats attributed to why bounce rates are so high for mobile web sites:

  • 60+ mobile phones contribute to majority of mobile traffic 📱.
  • 70% of users access websites over slow cell phone networks 🐢.  
  • An average website takes 3.6 seconds to load over phone 🕰️.
  • 40% of users drop off because a page takes more than 1.2 second to load 😡. 

An average mobile session lasts less around 40 seconds, with page load times accounting for ~10% of the session. 

What if you had an option to get your website to load under a second 🏎️?

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages makes sure your pages are lightning fast. The framework removes everything that makes the web slow (JavaScript, massive CSS, image tags) and adds everything that makes the web fast (50KB CSS size limit, asynchronous AMP tags, limited JS support) and lot more.

AMP version of Siftery Review pages
AMP version of – a popular SaaS review site and’s customers experienced a 6x boost in their page load times. 

The AMP effect gave wins at multiple fronts.

  • Google ranked AMP pages significantly higher over competitors.
  • 3x increase in conversion from AMP traffic as compared to traditional SEO traffic.
  • Session times were 7x longer.
  • Fast load times allow users to consume 4x more content.

If you were to do one thing today to increase mobile web traffic, convert your website to AMP

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