How SEO agencies can help their customers rank higher using WebFives?

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We are all living in a very impatient internet world. With all the new technologies and digital innovations happening so quickly, internet users are getting more and more impatient. Everything now is happening at lightning speed. You open your Facebook app on the smartphone and it loads up within 0.5 seconds. Gone are the days when we have to wait for several seconds to load something.

It is indeed a good thing to have every digital application or website opening up at lightning speed. But as entrepreneurs, it also greatly influences our customers’ online behavior. People now are becoming more and more impatient and wants everything to be instant. If you’re selling online with your website, this change in customer behavior is something you should take very seriously. If your web pages don’t load up within 3 seconds, you might lose the potential customer forever.

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an Open Source Project started by Google in 2016 designed to improve mobile and content performance. The core goal of AMP is to make pages load fast by placing few restrictions on the way page is built, no custom javascript, no CSS in style tag and the most important, CSS size restricted to 50 KB or less.

When correctly implemented, the end result is a smooth, compelling and near time loading website.

How AMP helped us to scale SwellNoMore Facebook Ads? is a health supplement brand helping clients with diuretic anti-inflammatory problems. The best performing marketing strategies for them are content marketing and Facebook Ads.

Prior to using AMP solution, SwellNoMore was doing roughly 40-50 orders/week on Facebook ads, and about 50 sales coming from SEO and content marketing.

Content marketing is very important for their top funnel sales. Thus, AMP solution greatly helped their business as it strengthened their contents.

1440 clicks, 71K+ impressions, 8.8 average search position, in just 2 weeks
1440 clicks, 71K+ impressions, 8.8 average search position, in just 2 weeks

Within 2 weeks of implementing WebFast’s AMP solution, we see 1,440 additional traffic to contents, appearing more than 70K times on Google search results, and 14 sales happened from AMP mobile pages. AMP is super powerful in terms of getting higher conversions fast!

$1041 additional revenue in just two weeks.
$1041 additional revenue in just two weeks.

How AMP impacts the Facebook Ads strategy?

With the good results gained using AMP solution, we can conclude that it’s definitely powerful to combine Facebook Ads and AMP solution. Looking at the data point of view, people who load AMP pages tend to browse more content and thus, convert better. With this positive behavior, it can definitely help Facebook ads to scale better. We will write another blog post on this experiment on Facebook Ads combined with AMP solution.

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