AMP is phenomenal when it comes to speed. The following optimizations around <amp-img> tag to load all images asynchronously, limiting CSS to 50kb and support for an ever increasing number of partners (100+) so far, make AMP the best choice to move forward.

One of the main questions we get at WebFast is how to get started with AMP?

The learning curve on AMP is high, more importantly, there are lots of nuances to getting the page built correctly. In addition, once you build the pages, you need to maintain them. So not only is your small web-team adding new features to the website, it is also tasked in maintaining parity with AMP portion of it.

Adding new features and maintaining AMP parity, that's a LOT of work.

Fortunately, WebFast has been founded with simple principle of making AMP websites easy as piece of cake!

Given below are three easy steps to getting started with AMP:

  1. WebFast will AMP your entire website and make those pages available at https://amp.<your_website>.com, don't worry, we take care of all the hosting and our CDN has five 9's SLA guarantee.

  2. Add the following DNS record to your name server:A amp.<your_website>.com <ip_address>

Google needs to discover the AMP pages, add the following tag to your current set of pages:<link rel="amphtml" href="https://amp.<your_website>.com/page.html">

That's it, you don't have to do any other work, no engineering, no CSS, no complex JS includes, nothing, nada, zero, zilch!

We monitor your pages everyday and new content automatically gets AMP and pushed live, ready for Google to start indexing and getting your pages ranked higher.

Do you have a website that you want to AMP right now?

WebFast is a service that AMPifies your entire website. Check us out at or email us at and we can AMPify your entire website in less than a day.

AMPify your website.