At WebFives, we work extremely hard to ensure that you have the best and seamless experience when it comes to installing our software that makes your website load under a second. Our installation process is fairly straight forward and is a simple two step process.

  1. Add DNS entry to your name-servers for amp.{{your_website}}.com
  2. Install the WebFives plugin.

Full details below

We understand that building webpages is part of the process, hosting the pages on worlds fastest and most reliable network completes the picture; and that is why we have partnered with Google's premium network, to offer the very best to our customers!

When you signup for WebFives, our customer success agent will send you the unique {{ip_address}} that you need to add below.

Add the following entry to your name-servers DNS or Domain Name Servers are usually handled by GoDaddy or CloudFlare. Your customer success exec will help you to identify the DNS provider as well as walk you through steps on adding the above entry.

A {{ip_address}} {{}}

for eg:
If your website name is WebFives, then the above entry will look like:


All AMP pages built by WebFives are hosted on a separate sub-domain called "amp". Our technology analyzes your website at regular intervals to ensure we have the latest content that matches your website, updates are then pushed directly to our AMP servers. On technical side, these servers use the latest brotli compression, CDN, along with load balancers with five 9's uptime to ensure your website is always up. All these features are available to you as part of WebFives at no extra cost.

Shopify or Wordpress websites:

  • Provide admin access to the email address provided by your customer success exec.

The admin access allows us to install the WebFives AMP plugin.

That's it. You are now ready to go live! In the background, we handle everything in terms of integrating with Google Analytics, FaceBook tracking pixel as well as integrating the buy it now button directly with your shopping cart experience.

We would love to hear from you on how we can make the above process even better. Drop us an email at and we will incorporate your feedback in our next weekly release.