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Companies using WebFives

Left: original website (3.85 seconds to load)
Right: WebFives powered website (less than 1 second to load)

Make your website load under a second!

Our AI technology builds lighter version of your page with almost no engineering needed from your end.

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Same look-n-feel, just like your original website, it's magical!

We make your website fast, while keeping the same original experience that your customers love.

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Lightning Fast - Just the way Google loves ❤️

WebFives powered pages consistently score 90+ on Google's page speed report.
Your website gets the same score, right out of the box!

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Higher Google search rankings made simple.

⚡ Get the much sought after lightning bolt right next to your search result.

Google gives preferential search rank treatment to AMP pages, simply because they load under a second!

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Detailed dashboard showcasing analytics and keyword-areas to improve

Monitor your AMP search traffic analytics. Identify, optimize and improve keywords that have a positive impact towards your conversions and continue ranking higher on Google.

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Product information - embedded right within search result.

Rich Data Snippets increase conversions by 22%

Showcase ratings, price and availability, within the search result.

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How does WebFives work?

WebFives uses Artificial Intelligence to automagically shrink your page sizes by 80%

WebFives analyzing and building feather light pages from scratch

  • wireframe
    Deep Learning

    Using Deep Learning, WebFives analyzes and compares your layout to 100-million+ dataset.

  • The brain

    We then build a wireframe that matches your website layout.

  • Final touches

    Our classifier then does a pixel-by-pixel comparison for layout, colors and fonts, thereby building a light-weight version whilst making pixel perfect match to your original page!

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Reasons why customers 🤗 love WebFives

5-minute integration, and you are off to sub-second page load times 🚀!

  • Easy Setup

    Add two lines of code to your web-server and Google will start showcasing AMP pages in just few days.

  • Lightning speed, same experience

    No difference between canonical and AMP pages, everything looks exactly the same.

  • Grows With You

    Pages are automatically discovered, updated nightly and indexed by Google, without you lifting a finger.

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About Us

World class team from Mozilla - the makers of Firefox, we understand how the browser works and are now making websites fast, one page at a time!