What are the top 3 ways to increase your Shopify store conversion rate?

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In the ever competitive world of Amazon, finding a niche and staying relevant is extremely difficult. Not only are independent store owners finding it stay competitive, they are up against big-ad spend by the big-wigs.

Trying to outspend your competition isn’t going to work.

Given we can’t outspend our competitor, what are our options, simple, outsmart them.

Given below are top 3 ways to optimize your Shopify store to get higher conversions. The last tip is the best of all and has done wonders for some of the biggest stores out there.

  1. Mobile user experience:
    Pay special attention to how your store looks and feels on mobile. With 60%-70% of traffic originating from mobile, it is extremely important to pay special attention. While iPhone is the most popular device, pay special attention to these devices:
    1. iPhone; especially iPhone X, iPhone 8+, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s. Just test the Safari browser.
    2. Android: especially Samsung Galaxy devices. 90% of your potential customers use Chrome, so just focus on those.
    3. Lastly, use BrowserStack to see how the websites loads on these devices. Given a URL, BrowserStack also offers a tile of images showcasing how the page looks on different browsers, this is a super simple way to spot errors quickly.
  2. Reduce the number of applications installed:
    Shopify store has one of the largest collections of applications, each promising a unique feature that is better than sliced bread. Here are some stats:
    1. Average number of installed apps on Shopify website: 7.3
    2. Average latency added by each app: 0.32 seconds
      Slowness attributed to apps: 7.3 * 0.32 = 2.34 seconds 
      Now, assuming 50% of apps load in parallel, even then, apps contribute a delay of 1.17 seconds 
    3. Use apps wisely, more importantly, do spring aka app cleaning often.
  3. Imagine a pandora’s box 🎁 wherein:
    1. Your website loads under a second.
    2. Google gives special treatment to your website in its search result.
    3. Customers ❤️your site because it loads fast.

Don’t out-spend your competition, OUTSMART them!

Too good to be true? This is all possible using AMP, a project open-sourced by Google in 2014, that not only makes sites load lightning fast, an average AMP website sees:

  • 20% boost in search rankings!
  • 36% increase in conversions 🤑

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